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In 13th February 1869, one American ship ran aground offshore point Kawazu of Katsuura City, Chiba prefecture, southeastern part of Japan. The ship under command of Captain Newell was fighting a heavy swell and strong wind, but forced to be stranded.
The name of the ship was “Hermann”, owned by the Pacific Mail Steamship Company (the current American President Lines).
There were then on board 350 Japanese passengers and 80 American crew.
People near point Kawazu had a hard rescue, but more than 200 Japanese passengers and 20 American crew were killed.
Indeed, this shipwreck is the worst accident in the marine history of Chiba Prefecture.
From ancient times, they held in every year gracious memorial service of many fishermen and seafarers who died in the nearby sea.
Mourning for so many victims of s.s.”Hermann” shipwreck, they built a stone monument especially on the cape overlooking well the shipwreck point.
We live in Katsuura City or near, and have seen those memorial services, and hope to tell this shipwreck to descedants of 20 American crew.


Posted July 10, 2012 by Capt. Numata

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